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This course is tailored specifically to meet the needs of doctors who work with French speaking patients and healthcare professionals. Classes can be taught on either a one-to-one basis or on a joint tutorial basis with two students. The participants can choose from programmes starting from 3 hours of tuition to 6 or 8 hours of tuition a day.

The course covers all the medical French topics focused on specialist vocabularly, medical history, consultation, prescription, diagnosis, communication between healthcare professionals ( general practitioners, nurses..) and patients/ patient family, communication between doctors.

Topics discussed during the course are:

• all the French specialist vocabulary, medical terminology in the various medicine professional branches: general practice, cardiology, Gynecology, Endocrinology, paediatrics , radiology, neurology, plastic surgery
• Intensive conversational training in every practical situations in hospital field: consultation, medical history, medical assistant guiding for nurses, active conversations with patient family, diagnosis, prescription , dialogues and role play situations with patients and healthcare professionals

• Practical grammar points in situation : Vous prendrez trois comprimés trois fois par jour !!! (in the medical consultation, the futur tense is used)

•   On the phone: making an appointment, medical advise, professional invitations ( medical congress....)

•   Reading and comprehension of demanding documents in relationship with the hospital activity, analysis of medical records, writing letters and medical reports.


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