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Learn French in Nice offers an exciting introduction to the country's culture in a unique setting on the French Riviera. If you need a French private tutoring , Personal French Teacher is the key to study French in Nice.

Personal French Teacher offers French language courses in Nice held at your work (Embassy, firm,bank, business offices) or vacation accomodation (hotel, apartment, host family) at all levels from beginners to advanced, either on a one-to-one basis or on a joint tutorial basis with two students. The minimum course is one week with tuition from Monday to Friday.
The participants can choose programmes with between 3hours to 4.5hours of tuition a day which equates to 20 lessons or 30 lessons per week.Personal French Teacher can also conceive an individual programme and schedule on client’s request. Participants can also choose a programme with between 6 hours to 8 hours of tuition a day which equates to 40 lessons or 53 lessons per week. ( free estimate request)

For busy people, French courses online are also offered.

The course commences with a written and oral test to help your Personal French Teacher determine the students' level of French.
The tuition can be personalised to fit the demands of the student or take a more structured approach covering grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. The grammar lessons concentrate on improving the students' understanding of French grammar structures, whilst the vocabulary and conversation lessons take into consideration the interests of the individual student to improve their oral and written understanding.
Personal French Teacher provides a wide variety of carefully thought out documents tailored to the student's course programme. These documents are stand-alone documents, not tied to a previous or future programme as each course is tailored to the student's profile and wishes, rather than following a 'standard' format.
Grammar courses include lists of the grammatical rules covered in the day's programme together with both written and oral exercises.
Vocabulary and conversation courses are supported by miscellaneous material.


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