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Learn French in Nices


Improve your conversational French. Your instructor will guide you through conversations as you practice speaking French with native French speakers!!

I f you would like to focus on your conversation skills, this course is ideal for you!!

The Conversational French Programme is designed to assist students at all levels with their spoken French skills. Students build their French vocabulary, gain an understanding of the French culture, and develop confidence in their speaking skills in an informal and comfortable setting.

A t the first meeting, the student and instructor identify the types of things the student is most interested in learning. Students actually practice their skills around Nice via small excursions taken with their instructor. Some suggestions include: visiting different shops (clothing store, supermarket, butcher, book store, souvenir shop, etc.), ordering in a restaurant, going to the post office or bank, going to the real estate office, going to the city hall and dealing with administrative formalities, filling up your tank, enrolling in a club (country club, gym club….), traveling (booking a hotel room, finding your way through the train station or airport, etc), visiting a doctor or pharmacy, going to a play or movie (and discussing the show afterwards), meeting friends for lunch or coffee, sightseeing (museums, local attractions) and exploring the local markets around Nice (flower market, fruit and vegetable market, antiques market, arts and crafts bazaars). The student gets the chance to practice French in these actual settings. After the excursion the instructor coaches the student on errors and offers improvements that could be made in the future. They then repeat the process at another stop along their route where the student can put their new found skills to use. The interactive nature of this programme speeds learning. This programme is intended to be fun, so anything that is fun and stimulates conversation is fair game!!



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